Wendy Sherman

Tnrtv: Is China Finally Sticking It To North Korea?
August 02, 2009

Ambassador Wendy Sherman, Vice Chair of the Albright Stonebridge Group and the former North Korea policy coordinator under President Clinton, defends the strategy Beijing has recently adopted towards Pyongyang. --Ben Eisler Check out the latest on TNRtv: Eisler: When Lawmaking Gets Bloody Scheiber: Why The Press Corp Is Wrong On Health Reform Johnson: Why Another Six Billion's Going To The Automobile Industry

Huntsman, Interrupted
May 20, 2009

Salt Lake City, Utah Jon Huntsman Jr. wants to know if I'm in the mood for Mexican food for lunch. "I know a great place we can go downtown," the Utah governor says as we pile into the back seat of his black, tinted Suburban. (He goes there all the time, three of his aides separately assure me.) We drive south from Capitol Hill, passing the enormous Mormon temple in the center of town.