Yemeni government

A Militia, a Madrassa, and the Story Behind a Siege in Yemen
January 30, 2012

On-the-ground reporting from Peter Theo Curtis, who was just released from captivity.

On Morals and Facts
March 21, 2011

[Guest post by James Downie] I agree with Matt Yglesias: we do need to bring more "stark moralistic language" into the political discussion. The post in the link is an excellent example of how to do so: he not only makes his moral charge, but brings out charts and data from respected sources to solidify said charge.

The President's Delusions About Yemen. What The Man Probably Doesn't Know.
January 03, 2010

Yes, I suppose we are in no position to abandon Yemen, although, frankly, I hardly knew we were really there. Well, we are, as I pointed out in my Abdulmutallab posting on New Year's Day. But imagine how Senators Levin and Leahy would have reacted if poor George Bush had stumbled into the sands of "the empty quarter" without so much as advice, let alone consent. Maybe they were informed. But who knows whether, like the memory of Madame Speaker, theirs are also a bit confused. (By the way, among the first to describe one of the world's largest sand deserts was H. St.

Bad Fences
March 01, 2004

How Saudi Arabia and Yemen's fraught relationship threatens us all.