Alec MacGillis
Senior Editor

The Astonishing Omission in the Wall Street Journal's Story About Obamacare Enrollment
November 13, 2014

No wonder people are so poorly informed about Obamacare.

Republicans Won the Midterms. The NRA Did Not.
November 11, 2014

An unlikely silver lining for liberals.

Joni Ernst Is One of 2014's Most Extreme Candidates—But You Wouldn't Know It From Iowa's Press Coverage
November 04, 2014

She told an NRA convention that she would be willing to take up her Smith & Wesson against the government.

Tea Party Populism Is Dead. The GOP Is Back in Bed With Wall Street.
October 30, 2014

Big banks are preparing for a big party next week.

Think the Midterms Don't Matter? Tell That to 70,000 Poor, Uninsured People in Maine.
October 29, 2014

And the fate of those people may have just changed.

Scott Walker Is Scared He Might Lose—and He's Already Blaming His Fellow Republicans
October 28, 2014

First of all, he's actually *trying* to court female voters.