Alice Gregory

Reviewing the Unreviewable
April 06, 2014

The act of reviewing—or even just having critical thoughts about—juvenilia produced by someone who cannot defend herself seems both loathsome and pointless. But this book calls for it.

Hunger Games
December 18, 2013

Smartphones make counting calories easier than ever—a scary development for people with eating disorders.

Pen Pals
April 03, 2013

The best correspondences contain a story.

Is Friendship Better than Romance?
January 21, 2013

When self-help and science mix, the result can be more trite than you'd expect.

The Pseudoscience Wars: Who Safeguards Science?
October 15, 2012

Todd Akin’s prominent takedown was just the latest example of America rising up to fend off the scientifically deluded.