Brian Beutler

Romney vs. Bush Would Be a Fight to the Death. So Who Would Survive?
January 22, 2015

The doctrine of mutually assured destruction does not apply here.

What Obama Should Say in His State of the Union But Probably Won't
January 19, 2015

Obama should take on the Supreme Court. Again. 

If the Midterms Were Held Today, Gas Prices Might Have Saved the Democrats' Skin
January 16, 2015

A reminder that politics is largely about luck.

'Selma' Didn't Deserve More Than a Best Picture Nomination
January 15, 2015

A film can exhibit uneven acting and production and still be the best movie of the year. Selma is such a film.

Senate Republicans Are Already Frustrated With John Boehner's Crazy Caucus
January 13, 2015

As muggings go, this isn’t much different than screaming, “your money or my life!”