Bryce Covert

Marco Rubio's Paid Family Leave Plan Could Make Matters Worse
September 29, 2015

He's gone further than any Republican candidate—perhaps ever. But his proposal still pales in comparison to the Democrats'.

Freezing Offices Are Just the Beginning of Sexist Workplace Norms
August 10, 2015

Some norms can't be solved with a Snuggie—like unequal professional dress codes.

The Slow Death of the Secretary
May 04, 2015

A job that once gave a woman a middle-class life is fading away.

Ellen Pao Is Following Anita Hill's Example
March 30, 2015

How taking sexual discrimination claims public forces cultural change.

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson Was a Victim of the "Glass Cliff"
October 01, 2014

Women who take leadership positions frequently face special peril

The NFL Cheerleaders Should Be Your Fair-Pay Heroes
August 04, 2014

The bottom 60 percent of the workforce hasn’t gotten a raise in a decade, and, for some, pay has even fallen. The basic bargain that Americans put in a hard day’s work and share in some of the bounty they produce has been broken.

Why We Still Can't Erase the Gender Pay Gap
July 11, 2014

Despite significant gains since the 1960s, we still can't erase the gender pay gap. Here are some solutions.

It's Time to Fix the Very Pale, Very Male Boardroom
July 09, 2014

Despite the benefits of diverse leadership, boardrooms and C-suites are still lacking women and minorities. How do we fix it?

We Know We Work Too Much. Now How Do We Stop It?
July 02, 2014

It's time our laws enabled us to unplug.

Taking a Vacation May Actually Save Your Career
June 23, 2014

Workaholism is hurting the American economy.