Carlo Davis

Oberlin Amends its Trigger-Warning Policy
April 09, 2014

The group most surprised by Oberlin’s new trigger warning policy may have been the professors of the college themselves.

The Syrian Civil War May Be About to Go Fully Regional
March 31, 2014

New leaked details from a meeting in Turkey

Russia Threatened to Nix the Iran Talks. Does It Really Have That Power?
March 21, 2014

Can Russia scuttle the Iran nuclear negotiations—and does it even want to?

NATO Is In No Position to Protect Eastern Europe From Russia
March 11, 2014

They have neither the troops, nor the money. 

The U.S. Was Ready to Impose Sanctions on Ukraine. Why Not Venezuela, Too?
February 28, 2014

Once again, realpolitik trumps human rights.

Stop Counting Olympic Medals!
February 19, 2014

Our national worth should not be measured in gold, silver, and bronze.

Why the U.S. Should Hand Over Amanda Knox If Italy Asks
February 03, 2014

Amanda Knox has little legal recourse if the Italian Supreme Court doesn't reverse her recent conviction.