Daniel Bell

After the Tsunami
March 12, 1998

Until the East Asian miracle went up in a cloud of smoke, most East Asian specialists and comparative political scientists were optimistic about the prospects for democracy in the region. That's because nearly everyone subscribed to the “modernization thesis” first proposed by Stanford University Professor Seymour Martin Lipset in 1959. According to this thesis, economic development produces a new urban middle class--professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, and so on--motivated to challenge authoritarian rule.

Zionism At 100
September 17, 1997

Zionism was a necromantic dream, using necromancy in the apt dictionary definition of "the conjuration of the spirits of the dead for the purposes of magically revealing the future or influencing the course of events." It had three unique components: The rise of a collective messianism. Post-exilic Judaism begins with Ezra and Nehemiah and the return from the first Babylonian captivity. Jews had survived by becoming a people, practicing apartness and being united by the Book. It was a belief in national redemption rooted in the prophets and their system of ethical and social values.

The Old War
August 30, 1993

After ideology, corruption.

The Towerless Edifice -- Part I
March 28, 1958

In search of a definition of the American character.

The Towerless Edifice -- Part II
March 17, 1958

Has Max Lerner discovered a suitable definition of the American character?

Out of the Fight for Warsaw
September 17, 1953

How can an intellectual preserve his humanity amid totalitarianism?

Hard Times for the Intellectuals
August 17, 1953

For the past 16 years job opportunities swelled hugely in government; when these contracted the universities opened wide; new opportunities were provi