David Dayen

The Toughest Cop on Wall Street You've Never Heard Of
April 16, 2014

How Benjamin Lawsky's making big bank pay.

Someone Else's Debt Could Ruin Your Credit Rating
March 31, 2014

Everyone is susceptible to the scary, careless world of debt collecting. 

This Is the Fed's Most Brazen and Least Known Handout to Private Banks
March 09, 2014

Every year, it gives out "dividends" to commercial banks that serve no purpose.

Why Is the Justice Dept. More Concerned with Respecting Swiss Laws Than Enforcing Our Own?
February 27, 2014

The key question after yesterday's Swiss-bank hearings.

When Millenials Can't Move Out of Their Parents' Basements the Entire Economy Suffers
February 21, 2014

It isn't just bad for 20-somethings; it's bad for everybody. 

Obama's Partly to Blame for the Postal Service's Backward Ways
February 10, 2014

Why hasn't he filled the vacanies on the agency's board?

The Farm Bill Still Gives Wads of Cash to Agribusiness. It's Just Sneakier About It.
February 04, 2014

Politicians will tell you otherwise. Don't believe them.

The Post Office Should Just Become a Bank
January 28, 2014

A cool way Obama could save USPS--and ding check-cashing joints

Your Credit Card Has a Dangerous Flaw That the Banks Refuse to Fix
January 16, 2014

Why the magnetic stripe on your credit card is putting you at risk.

A Small Bank in Utah Has Launched Wall Street's War on the Volcker Rule
December 30, 2013

While you were getting that pair of socks you always wanted, the government got an unexpected Christmas present: the first lawsuit seeking to nullify a portion of the Volcker rule, which regulators just finalized a few weeks ago.