David Dayen

You Thought the Government Shutdown Was Over. You Were Wrong.
October 18, 2013

It was an awful time. Federal employees had to take unpaid furlough days. Beneficiaries were thrown off of federal programs. Courthouses had to be sold.

No Measly Shutdown Can Keep Congress from Sucking Up to Wall Street
October 01, 2013

Just because the government has shut down doesn’t mean Congress will cease its central function of making Americans’ lives miserable.

The Big Budget Battle the GOP Has Already Won
September 20, 2013

If you enjoy silence, a good place to camp out for the next couple weeks is the room in the Capitol Building designated for Congressional negotiations on the budget.

Maybe Eric Schmidt, Sheryl Sandberg, and Elon Musk Just Really Like Butte, Montana
September 17, 2013

The CEOs of the nation’s largest companies typically don’t have a reason to fly to Butte, Montana.

These Three Democrats Could Torpedo Larry Summers's Nomination
September 09, 2013

It has become glaringly obvious over the past couple months that President Obama wants to nominate Larry Summers to become the next chair of the Federal Reserve.

The 'London Whale' Case Lands Another Minnow
Criminal charges against JP Morgan traders let their bosses off the hook
August 15, 2013

It’s unusual to see anyone from the financial industry held accountable for misconduct in the post-crisis era. Criminal charges are even rarer.

Obama's Plan for Fannie and Freddie Just Repeats Old Mistakes
A Home for Every American Family? No!
August 07, 2013

President Obama's plan for Fannie and Freddie just repeats old mistakes.

The SEC Nails a Minnow While the Whales Go Free
Why wasn't Goldman Sachs on trial alongside Fabrice Tourre?
August 06, 2013

Last week, a jury in New York City convicted former Goldman Sachs trader Fabrice Tourre on six civil counts of securities fraud, for selling a toxic mortgage-backed bond to investors without disclosing that an architect of the deal, hedge fund Paulso

Eric Holder Thinks 'Real Housewives' Commit Mortgage Fraud–But Not Bank CEOs
July 30, 2013

The unstated purpose of reality television is for viewers to feel superior to the poor saps on screen.

Six Warnings for Ben Bernanke's Replacement
July 19, 2013

With Ben Bernanke’s term as Federal Reserve chair near expiration, virtually every economic policy pundit in good standing has thrown out their list of who should replace him. Some favor the aggressive regime shift of a Christina Romer.