David Wagoner

For the Man Who Taught Tricks to Owls
February 07, 2005

You say they were slow to learn. The brains of owls      Went down in your opinion through long hours           Of unresponsive staring While you showed them how to act out minor parts      In the world of Harry Potter.

Mr. Emerson Tries to Complete an Essay
June 24, 2002

At his hard desk, no longer wholly conscious         Of the pen in his right hand, no longer confined                By the dimensions of the floor and the four walls But ascending through the ceiling toward the threshold         Of Transcendental Understanding, he heard                Ker-luck-a-put, cluck, the chickens, his own Chickens outside the window, one of which         Would be reduced to portions of itself                And stewed for dinner, and though he had lost The thrust of his hierarchic argument         For a moment, he took the chicken to be an example                Of the