Edward Glaeser

Gary Becker Helped Invent the Economics of Everything
May 05, 2014

He transformed a discipline that had been tied to traditional topics, like business cycles, international trade, and money supply, into an intellectual field without boundaries.

Even Bill de Blasio Won't Be Able to Fix Income Inequality
September 05, 2013

Mayor de Blasio would be battling the one percent—and history

Do Mayors Matter?
February 25, 2011

New York has been fighting with the problems that come with density for close to four hundred years. Urban renewal and John Lindsay’s local welfare st

The Urban Miracle
November 20, 2010

A City So Grand weaves together five major stories: abolitionism and the Civil War, the rise of intra and inter-urban rail, the Back Bay, the telephon

Thinkers and Tinkerers
June 22, 2010

As befits a scholar of human knowledge, Joel Mokyr's overarching thesis is about the power of ideas. His grand idea is that the practical, avaricious

Why Cities Matter
January 19, 2010

Dominic Pacyga’s book is a biography of a great and comparatively young city. It provides a comprehensive overview of Chicago’s meteoric growth in th

What A City Needs
September 04, 2009

Wrestling with Moses: How Jane Jacobs Took on New York’s Master Builder and Transformed the American City By Anthony Flint (Random House, 256 pp., $27)   For urbanists and others, the battle between Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs was the great titanic struggle of the twentieth century. Like the bout between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling, their conflict has magnified significance, as the two figures have become symbols. Jacobs is the secular saint of street life, representing a humane approach to urban planning grounded in the messy interactions of the neighborhood.