Elliot Ackerman

A West Point Literature Professor's Inspiring Plea for Creativity in Our Military
October 27, 2014

If you could give one book to a soldier, what would it be?

The Islamic State's Strategy Was Years in the Making
August 08, 2014

To stop ISIS, we must first understand it.

I Was a Marine in Afghanistan
June 04, 2014

The POW loomed ever-present. And it was not a welcome presence. 

Extraordinary Bravery on the Streets of Fallujah
May 25, 2014

"He lay face down, blood pooling around his waist, moving just a little."

I Fought at Fallujah. Here's What I Think About When People Ask If It Was Worth It.
January 13, 2014

Al-Qaeda affiliates have retaken the city. What would my fallen comrades think of that?