Eric Sasson

Sex Work Should Be Decriminalized in America
August 31, 2015

The government is more concerned with punishing sex workers than protecting them from abuse.

The LGBT Movement's Supreme Court Hero: Anthony Kennedy
June 26, 2015

He once again took up his pen to write a majority opinion that expands gay rights.

One Step Forward for Caitlyn Jenner, One Step Back for Womankind
June 02, 2015

Vanity Fair's cover proves magazines can objectify trans women, too.

America Has Not Reached a Transgender Tipping Point
April 27, 2015

The media would like to think so. Our laws and statistics prove otherwise.

This Scientific Breakthrough Could Ruin Conservatives' Final Argument Against Same-Sex Marriage
February 27, 2015

No, children raised by gay parents aren't more likely to have emotional issues.

Parents of Transgender Kids Could Learn a Lot from Brangelina
January 27, 2015

Leelah Alcorn's suicide was preventable.

Facebook Shouldn't Apologize for "Year in Review"—You Should, for Using It
December 28, 2014

Don't let Facebook scrub the grit and grief from your life.

Does Gay Male Culture Have a Misogyny Problem?
December 15, 2014

Rose McGowan and Azealia Banks aren't totally wrong.

You're Overreacting to the Ebola Outbreak, and It's Not Helping
October 27, 2014

In fact, it's hurting our public health system.