Esther Schor

The Crooked Heart
September 10, 2010

Joseph Skibell’s brilliant new novel is a high-energy, wild performance, as ample as its protagonist’s appetites. It is also a mash-up of genres: Yidd

The Rest Revolution
March 26, 2010

Like a yeasty challah, The Sabbath World braids together numerous discrete strands. This is an enormously interesting book.

L.L. Zamenhof and the Shadow People
December 30, 2009

Starting at midnight on December 15, 2009, the Google logo was draped in a green flag. Perhaps you thought it was the Palestinian or the Saudi flag; perhaps this unsettled you enough to mouse it. If you did, you’d have learned that the flag celebrated the one hundred and fiftieth birthday of Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof, the founder of Esperanto. And if you clicked on it, you’d have helped make “L.L. Zamenhof” the third most often-searched term on Google that day. None of this was happenstance.