Evan Hughes

Matt Yglesias Entirely Misunderstands Why the Book Publishing Industry Exists
October 24, 2014

And he paints a picture of a sad, sad literary world. 

Liberal Media Is Desperate to Prove That Student Debt Is a Huge Problem
June 26, 2014

The backlash against David Leonhardt's New York Times column may be unwarranted.

Vanity Fair's Donna Tartt Piece Reduces All Literary Criticism to Childish Squabbling
June 12, 2014

Other people’s views are not just the product of bad faith.

The Norwegian Government Keeps Book Publishers Alive
April 11, 2014

And other reasons Norway is the best place in the world to be a writer.

Karl Ove Knausgaard Became a Literary Sensation by Exposing His Every Secret
April 07, 2014

He became the literary star of 2014 by exposing his every secret. Now he hates himself for it. 

Books Don't Want to Be Free
October 08, 2013

You hardly have to wait in line at Barnes & Noble anymore. The cashiers stare into the middle distance, while on the sales floor, space for books steadily erodes. Instead: toys, magnifying glasses, doodads for the desk.

Jaron Lanier and the Case for Moonshot Thinking
May 06, 2013

A pioneer of virtual reality says that digital capitalism is wreaking real damage.

The Meet Market
March 01, 2011

In a college campus study in 1989, physically attractive people approached opposite-sex students and asked, “Would you go to bed with me tonight?” Not