Hanna Rosin

The Auteur of Unease
What Kathryn Bigelow understands about the war on terror that no other director does
February 06, 2013

Kathryn Bigelow's war movies shy away from big messages. That's why they capture the post-9/11 mood so well.

The Revealer
December 31, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards likes to tell other women that they're pretty. In her book, Saving Graces, she describes a classmate as a "pretty waif" and a hairdresser as having a "small, pretty face." A young girl who died in a car crash was somebody's "pretty daughter." A loyal fund-raiser's unnamed wife is "distractingly beautiful." Recently, she was chatting with supporters at a house party in New Hampshire, held in a living room crammed with antique dolls and interested locals.

All Talk
September 23, 2002

In the days leading up to this September 11, CNN's commemorative tribute "America Remembers" occasionally cut to footage of a reporter on that day last year, blank faced, hair covered in soot. The reporter would force out the plain facts, insofar as they were known--"We hear another plane has crashed"--then fall silent, forgetting the usual first-name banter with the anchors. Sometimes the stunned reporter even got the day wrong--"Here, this Wednesday morning ...

Upwardly Mobile
March 06, 2000

Hanna Rosin's 2000 look at the aspirations of George W. Bush voters in South Carolina.

The Octopus
February 16, 1998

You’re straining to see over the heads of about a million reporters seeding the White House lawn, but you’re not sure what there is to see.

The Madness of Speaker Newt
March 17, 1997

Hanna Rosin on a divided court scheming against its king.