Howard Jacobson

Ping-Pong Wizard
December 09, 2012

Marty Reisman died yesterday at 82. Novelist Howard Jacobson looks back on the career of a great table tennis purist—and a great table tennis player.

July 12, 2012

ASK WHO IS THE most charismatic Conservative in Britain right now, and the answer will come straight back: Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, once shadow minister for the arts, now mayor of London, columnist for The Daily Telegraph, comic turn-taker, and coquette. And soon to be leader of the Tory Party? Not according to him.

June 30, 2010

Erotic scandal, British toffs, and a mansion.

This Is No Rout
May 07, 2010

Unequivocally, the British public has voted for equivocation.

The Government We Deserve
May 05, 2010

So what has the British election been about anyway? The answer isn’t flattering to Brits.

Blair Ghost Project
August 12, 2009

The haunting of Gordon Brown.

Pox Britannica
April 15, 2009

English anti-Semitism on the march.

The Beautiful Game
September 24, 2007

In defense of ping-pong.