James Goldgeier

Trying to 'Win' Ukraine Could Lead to Its Collapse
May 05, 2014

If the West really wants to save Ukraine, it has to stop thinking in terms of "beating" Russia.

Stop Blaming NATO for Putin’s Provocations
April 17, 2014

With Vladimir Putin annexing Crimea, inciting violence in Eastern Ukraine, and threatening his neighbor with a massive military buildup, an oft-repeated refrain has reemerged in Western academia: It’s our fault for expanding NATO.

What Happens After the Crimean Referendum
March 13, 2014

On Sunday, the people of Crimea will have the chance tovote to leave Ukraine and join the Russian Federation.

The U.S. Must Isolate Russia for the Sake of Nuclear Nonproliferation
March 02, 2014

Putin’s use of force in Crimea undermines a key post-Cold War agreement on the denuclearization of Ukraine.

Flowers in the Desert
February 09, 2011

The wave of popular unrest that has spread across the Arab world in recent weeks, toppling the regime in Tunisia, creating the mass protests in Egypt, and leading other governments in the region to scramble to choke off similar eruptions, has evoked images of 1989, when Communist governments fell like dominoes in Eastern Europe. Like today, those earlier events unfolded with surprising speed, catching the West (as well as the oppressive regimes) off guard. But President George H.W.