Jason Guriel

A Poet Turned Michael Brown's Autopsy Report Into Click-Bait as Performance Art
March 24, 2015

How should we think about Kenneth Goldsmith's poetic remixes? 

Writing About His Impending Death Has Given Clive James's Poetry New Life
March 22, 2015

His latest colleciton of essays, Poetry Notebook, is a masterful argument for the importance of poetry. 

Why Couldn’t Patrick Leigh Fermor Finish His Masterpiece?
The perils of posthumous publication
December 22, 2014

The incompleteness of a certain kind of aesthetic object can inspire additional devotion.

The 'Best American' Series Is the Ditzy Cheerleader for American Writing
September 30, 2014

Whatever happened to critical thinking? 

Miss de Beauvoir, Meet 'Alien v. Predator'
The pastiche poetry of Michael Robbins
August 28, 2014

The pastiche poetry of Michael Robbins.