Jeffrey Rosen

Debating the Court's Affirmative Action Decision
June 24, 2013

Lawyers from left and right pick apart the court's non-ruling in the Fisher case (and each other, too).

Show Me the Memo
June 06, 2013

Obama should share his legal justification for collecting Verizon's phone records.

A Damning Dissent: Scalia's Smartest, Wittiest Ruling of All Time
June 04, 2013

Justice Antonin Scalia was at his finest in criticizing the Court over its approval of DNA swabs.

Julius Genachowski: The Exit Interview
May 23, 2013

In a lengthy conversation, the outgoing FCC boss sounds off on net neutrality, political polarization, and free speech 

It's the Technocratic Arrogance, Stupid
May 16, 2013

Obama isn't Bush or Nixon. He's in hot water for behaving too much like Woodrow Wilson.

The Delete Squad
April 29, 2013

Right now the rules of what you can—and can't—say on the internet are being rewritten by twenty-something tech executives. Cross your fingers.

Do You Have the Right to Remain Silent?
April 21, 2013

The Obama administration has gone much further than the Bush administration in embracing new restrictions on Miranda rights

Flip-Flopping Federalists
March 29, 2013

On Obamacare, conservative judges were glad to limit Congress' power. To uphold DOMA, they'll need to do the opposite.

The Laughable Argument Against Gay Marriage
March 26, 2013

The Supreme Court justices will eventually have to reckon with 'responsible procreation.'

Does the Government Deserve Your DNA?
February 27, 2013

The crucial privacy case before the Supreme Court.