Jessica Schulberg

It's Depressing How Many Americans Still Support Torture
December 12, 2014

Republicans in particular see no problem with it.

CIA Director John Brennan Just Accidentally Undermined Guantánamo's War Court
December 11, 2014

Once somebody is tortured, all the information they provide is tainted.

The Torture Report Will Make It Harder for the Government to Prosecute Guantánamo Prisoners
December 11, 2014

In 2009, charges were dropped against a September 11 defendant because he was tortured.

Here Are the Biggest Lies the CIA Told Congress
December 09, 2014

Interrogation methods went way further than anyone thought. 

It's Time the U.S. Paid Reparations to the Prisoners It Tortured
December 04, 2014

Even for those who are suspected terrorists.

These Senators Are About to Blow the World's Best Shot at a Non-Nuclear Iran
November 26, 2014

Diplomacy is working, and more sanctions would change that.

Al Qaeda's Alliance with ISIS Exposes the U.S.'s Strategic Myopia
November 17, 2014

Syria's moderates might be suffering from American support.

The American Government Is Funding Human Trafficking
The ugly business of how military contractors find their workers
November 14, 2014

"It’s not that we’re idly sitting by, we’re actively paying for it."