Jessica Schulberg

75 Senators Want to Punish Palestine Before It Can Accuse Israel of War Crimes
February 03, 2015

Cutting all funding would be a humanitarian disaster.

How Deep Did the Apparent ISIS Hack of the U.S. Military's Twitter Go?
January 12, 2015

Some of the information they "leaked" was already publicly available.

The "World's Number One Self-Hating Jew" Goes to Jail
January 06, 2015

Stanley Cohen has defended terrorists in court, but that's not what got him into trouble.

Palestine Has Joined the International Criminal Court. Will Israel Face War-Crime Charges?
December 31, 2014

No doubt Israel would make the same charges against Palestine.

The Forever War Was Supposed to End in 2014. Instead, Obama Doubled Down.
December 28, 2014

The rise of the Islamic State proved that the U.S. doesn't know how to wind down its wars in the Middle East.

It's Depressing How Many Americans Still Support Torture
December 12, 2014

Republicans in particular see no problem with it.

CIA Director John Brennan Just Accidentally Undermined Guantánamo's War Court
December 11, 2014

Once somebody is tortured, all the information they provide is tainted.

The Torture Report Will Make It Harder for the Government to Prosecute Guantánamo Prisoners
December 11, 2014

In 2009, charges were dropped against a September 11 defendant because he was tortured.