Jim Sleeper

Apple Juice
May 09, 1994

Every twenty-five years or so since 1914, New York's Democratic establishment has been routed by a Republican reformer leading a rickety coalition of business elites, patrician good-government types, burghers, newer immigrants and other groups on the

January 10, 1994

In the weeks since the December 7 Long Island Railroad massacre, scores of commentators have cited the diversity of gunman Colin Ferguson's grievances against Caucasians, Chinese, "Uncle Tom Negroes" and "so-called civil rights leaders" to argue that

The End of the Rainbow
November 01, 1993

On a trip to Israel in July, New York Mayor David Dinkins's eyes welled with tears as he recalled a close friendship with his accountant of many years, the late Abe Nowick, a Jew, in which racial differences had mattered so little that "one didn't kn

Anti-Anti Racist
June 28, 1993

If anyone involved in the City University of New York's recent search for a new City College president read the essays of Yolanda Moses before I dug them out of the library on the eve of her appointment, they aren't telling.

In the Mix
February 18, 1991

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — In the spring of 1988 New York University sophomore Brian Stettin decided he wasn't a "major talent" in film, his chosen field of study. That summer, during the 1988 presidential campaign, he developed an interest in politics.

New York Stories
September 10, 1990

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — As the Howard Beach, Tawana Brawley, Bensonhurst, and Central Park jogger cases have erupted one after another over the past five years, public discourse about race in New York has turned less on issues like jobs, housing, and ed