John Ashbery

Gildersleeve on Broadway
March 14, 2012

“The barberries have vanished”    –Georg Trakl Suddenly the most dismissive sky retains a coy aura the cellar can’t fathom or undermine. If it was spring these telltale shards of old snow artfully scattered beside one’s path would make sense, perhaps. As it is we’re coming out into the open; the longer one sidles, the more “him” there is to keep the a cappella company. Yes, that’s what we would have liked back then. Stippling, it was called. And the closer the percussionist retreats into maculate ephemera, the wider apart these qualities are. So tell me, why jostle like this?

Working Toward the New
April 20, 1968

This has been a “quiet” season; foreign visitors have expressed surprise mingled with a relief at how 1966 everything in New York looks. But unless we

Homage to France
March 29, 1968

Why does art seem to bloom at certain times in certain countries and then fade out abruptly? One might argue that the First World War and the Depressi