John Dos Passos

Recently Rediscovered John Dos Passos Story, 'Vag'
September 18, 2014

A bizarre, forgotten little story. 

Right After F. Scott Fitzgerald Died, John Dos Passos Defended His Talent With This Letter
September 02, 2014

"For a man who is making his living as a critic to write about Scott Fitzgerald without mentioning The Great Gatsby just means that he doesn’t know his business."

John Dos Passos and Glenway Westcott Remember F. Scott Fitzgerald
December 20, 2013

Read what John Dos Passos said at the time

A Visit to Guatemala
March 27, 1934

The damp night comes on enormously hot under the tall gawky trees whose names we don’t know. The last of the frame buildings is a boarding house dingy

Washington: The Big Tent
March 13, 1934

After all, where else can a citizen see such a show free, gratis? On every street a colonnade capped by a pediment, the rhetorical grandeur that was e