John Summers

The Battle over Radical History, Part 3
August 04, 2010

Staughton Lynd balks before this statement: “Lynd was never a historian who selects significant problems for study, but one who knows most of the answ

What Politics Does to History
July 19, 2010

This book exhibits the absence of critical distance which confirms the old suspicion that Staughton Lynd’s scholarly activism abolished distinctions w

The Observer
April 20, 2010

Henry David Thoreau has never been more admired, but in his own time he was widely known as a minor writer, a disciple of Ralph Waldo Emerson, and a b

Gettysburg Regress
March 18, 2009

Last winter, I was walking with my wife along Seminary Ridge on theGettysburg battlefield when an odd detail drew into sight: piles offelled trees, stacked alongside a road. The cuts smelled as freshas the trees looked strong.