Jonathan Cohn
Senior Editor

The Insurance Company Bailout that Republicans Love
February 24, 2014

Turns out the bailouts are just fine—as long as they prop up programs for seniors that vote Republican.

Karl Rove Accuses Obama of Doing Everything Bush Did—Especially on Deficits
February 18, 2014

Maybe he wants to forget the Bush era as much as everybody else does.

One in Five Obamacare Applicants Didn't Pay a Premium—Should We Care?
February 16, 2014

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) last week issued its latest update on Obamacare enrollment, revealing that 3.3 million people had used the new on line marketplaces to select new insurance plans.

One More, Very Small Hint of Obamacare Progress
February 12, 2014

The data is murky, but it sounds a lot more like success than failure.

A Controversial New Study Says Mammograms Don't Save Lives. Should We Believe It?
February 12, 2014

If the researchers are right, screening all women starting at 40 yields a lot of false diagnoses—without any clear benefit.

Are Republicans Afraid to Talk About Michael Sam?
February 11, 2014

It's been mostly cheers for Michael Sam, except on the right—where it's been mostly silence. Can that change?

Administration Delays an Obamacare Requirement—for the Second Time
February 10, 2014

It shouldn't affect policy a whole lot. But maybe 

Now Conservatives Are Complaining That Obamacare Doesn't Do Enough
February 10, 2014

The health law's critics find a new way to twist the numbers.

Calling the Republican Bluff on Immigration
February 09, 2014

Republicans don't trust Obama to enforce new immigration laws? Fine, says Schumer—let's start the new program after Obama leaves office.

Why CVS Is Halting Tobacco Sales, in Three Charts
February 05, 2014

Demand for cigarettes is declining, while demand for in-store medical services is booming.