Kenneth Burke

From the Stacks: "Why Coleridge?"
July 25, 2013

In honor of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who died 181 years ago today, Kenneth Burke's 1939 essay lauding Coleridge as a great champion of idealism.

Journalistic Language: Reading While You Run
November 17, 1937

My purpose is to illustrate a situation that we understand in a general way but do not always note in the particular, to show how thoroughly the meres

Reading While You Run: An Exercise in Translation from English to English
November 16, 1937

Every once in a while, in the orthodox press, there is an article in which, at almost every step, you find something said one way and must read it ano

On Mystical Confusion
September 09, 1931

The many absurdities in which pure science has found itself, coupled with the many grave problems of social readjustment which applied science has bro