Laura Dean

Egypt Just Sentenced 500 Dissidents to Die. There Are 15,000 More in Prison
March 27, 2014

Few people are willing to speak up for disempowered Muslim Brotherhood members.

In One Egyptian City, the Arab Spring Spirit Has Not Been Snuffed
February 17, 2014

Why unrest persists in Suez but not in other parts of Egypt.

No Way Out
November 25, 2013

On Friday, 50 Syrian and Palestinian refugees detained in the Montaza II police station in Alexandria, Egypt began a hunger strike.

The Reporters Covering Morsi's Trial Are Calling for His Death. Huh?
November 15, 2013

“Therefore we hope that ... the maximum penalty will be applied, death by hanging, in the hope that this judgment will be carried out on the walls of the Itahadeya presidential palace in the same place that al-Husseini Abu Deif was martyred.”

The Young Egyptians Who Launched the Arab Spring Are Quitting Politics Altogether
November 02, 2013

The uprisings now sometimes collectively called “The Arab Spring” seemed at first like stories about the political and economic empowerment of young people.

The Unluckiest People on Earth
October 06, 2013

Long before the start of the Arab Spring, Syrians in the southern town of Saqba had close ties with Egyptians in Damietta.

The Newest Victims of the Egyptian Crackdown
August 28, 2013

Under former President Hosni Mubarak, Egyptians used to say outspoken political dissidents would end up going “behind the sun”—a euphemism that meant you would find yourself in the hands of the State Security Services, and may not find your way back

Cairo Descends Into Streetfights—And a Military Crackdown Looms
August 16, 2013

CAIRO—“O Sisi! O villain! The blood of Muslims isn’t cheap!” protesters chanted. In Arabic, it rhymes.

Egypt's Factions Are Already Twisting Wednesday's Massacre
August 15, 2013

CAIRO–On the floor near the back of the al Iman mosque that today serves as a makeshift morgue, four people—three women and one man—sit cross-legged surrounded by laptops, mobile phones, and bits of paper.

Too Soon for "Civil War"
July 10, 2013

Egypt's situation is dire, but mislabeling it could make it worse.