Laurie Penny

The Feminist Writer's Dilemma
July 09, 2014

Women are encouraged to write about personal experiences—and then dismissed as "confessional."

What the “Transgender Tipping Point” Really Means
June 27, 2014

The time is coming when everyone who believes in equality and social justice must decide where they stand on the issue of trans rights.

Let's Call the Isla Vista Killings What They Were: Misogynist Extremism
May 27, 2014

For too long, misogynist extremism has been excused as an aberration.

No Wonder Teens Love Stories About Dystopias—They Feel Like They're In One
April 11, 2014

Young adult books (and films) speak to the part of us whose identity is yet unformed, full of rage and fear and longing.

In Defense of Bad Sex Writing
November 28, 2013

Awards for bad sex writing are literary slut-shaming. 

An Interview With Neil Gaiman, the Internet's Favorite Fantasy Writer
November 21, 2013

"The big thing for me is there’s nothing wrong with escape. Someone who is in a difficult or impossible situation who is offered an unlocked door to somewhere else that they can go through, and they can go through and they can get away..."

The Miley Cyrus Complex: An Ontology of Slut-Shaming
October 11, 2013

Bland sexual performance is still the only power this society grants to young women.