Leon Edel

Thackeray: The Uses of Adversity
October 12, 2012

Thackeray's strength lay in his gradually grasping and reflecting the society which he knew to be both powerful and petty.

Edmund Wilson in the 1930s
May 03, 1980

Wilson’s work as a reporter brought him much closer to the nation’s realities and he described these with his masterly concreteness.

Biography and the Narrator
March 06, 1965

Biography, says Paul Murray Kendall, is a “showing” of facts, as if they were things on display under glass in a library. He distinctly does not want

Throttling the Voice of Passion
December 01, 1957

Seldom has the voice of passion been cushioned with dispassion as in this book. What saves this life from being a catalogue of data is the vibrancy of

A Fluid Portrait
August 31, 1953

André Gide sat for his portrait many times—and largely to himself—during his sixty years of creation. He made of his books a long and continuous confe