Lili Loofbourow

You Should Be Watching 'Fortitude,' A Murder-Mystery That Makes Climate Change The Real Villain
April 08, 2015

Why this “Fargo” meets “Twin Peaks” TV show could only take place in an arctic icescape.

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six Finale, Post 1
The death of Don the liar
June 24, 2013

Is this the catharsis we've been waiting for?

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six Episode 10, Post 2
The children of 'Mad Men'
June 04, 2013

Dear Television is Jane Hu, Evan Kindley, Lili Loofbourow, and Phillip Maciak. This season, they'll be posting weekly letters about AMC's "Mad Men." While this is not a full recap, there are still plenty of spoilers. Read the last installment here.

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six Episode 8, Post 2
Tap-dancing offstage
May 20, 2013

How long has Don Draper been in a minstrel show?

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six: Episode 7, Post 1
Time to go home
May 13, 2013

Is it time for Don to go home?

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six: Episode 5, Post 2
The awful over-sympathizers of 'Mad Men'
April 29, 2013

Characters grope their way through the no man's land between empathy and sympathy. 

Dear TV: 'Mad Men' Season Six: Episode 1, Post 2
Rhapsody in Beige
April 09, 2013

The show is becomming more symphonic poem than novel.

Downton's Third Act
Is the British Soap Stuck?
February 16, 2013

This season of "Downton Abbey" has had prostitutes, jilted brides, and tragic death. So why does it feel like nothing's happened?