Marin Cogan

Hey Vegetarians: Congress Doesn't Like You
August 20, 2013

On most days, a vegetarian hill worker’s lunch options are depressing: soggy salad-bar greens, a greasy grilled cheese, or maybe—just maybe—a wrap from the sandwich station made of cheese and leftover garnishes.

Whatever Happened to Bobby Jindal?
July 08, 2013

Whatever happened to the Republican Golden Boy?

The Art of the Washington Photobomb
May 06, 2013

On Capitol Hill, a popular web meme is a daily fact of life.

Why Rubio Will Probably Walk
April 02, 2013

The risk-averse senator is unlikely to strike a deal on immigration.

Forgive Me Mentor, For I Will Run
March 12, 2013

How Marco could end Jeb's electoral career.

House of Cads
February 27, 2013

The psycho-sexual ordeal of reporting in Washington.

They All Look the Same!
February 07, 2013

A Hill reporter's guide to telling DC's most indistinguishable politicians apart.

CBC Will Vote for Financial Reform
December 09, 2009

Over the last couple of weeks, tensions between the Congressional Black Caucus and the Obama administration boiled over, with ten CBC members on the financial services committee skipping a key vote on regulatory reform legislation and threatening to scuttle the reform bill altogether if the president didn’t take greater steps to addresses unemployment and home foreclosures in the African American community. But it appears that Obama’s job speech yesterday did the trick.

In Defense of Sarah Palin (Kinda)
November 24, 2009

Jonathan Martin brings us yet another former McCain adviser stepping forward to accuse Sarah Palin of being a dunce. In this telling, Palin canceled a sit down with Spanish-language channel Univision because she felt uncomfortable talking about Hispanic issues.

Can't Get A Flu Shot? Don't Blame Obama
November 20, 2009

Conservatives have been quick to blame the administration for the slow delivery of H1N1 vaccine. Not long after Obama declared the swine flu pandemic a national emergency last month--a measure that cleared the way for hospitals to make special preparations for infected patients--Missouri Representative Roy Blunt pounced on the administration’s “onerous regulatory and legal environment” as a cause for the vaccine delays. In the Weekly Standard last week, Bill Kristol held up the swine flu response as an example of the coming “big government health care” boondoggle.