Michael Hobbes

VIDEO: Why Was the AIDS Crisis So Much Worse in the U.S. Than Western Europe?
March 11, 2015

In Germany, 27,000 people have died of AIDS since the start of the epidemic. The U.S. has lost 636,000. 

Stop Trying to Save the World
November 17, 2014

Big ideas are destroying international development.

Welcome to the Traffic Capital of the World
July 02, 2014

There are only 650 major intersections here—but somehow only 60 traffic lights.

Photos: Street Life in the Traffic Capital of the World
July 02, 2014

Pictures from the world's fastest-growing city.

Can You Really Compare the AIDS Crises in the U.S. and Western Europe?
May 16, 2014

The statistical quirks of looking at AIDS across countries.

Why Did AIDS Ravage the U.S. More Than Any Other Developed Country?
May 12, 2014

The answer is a lot more complicated than saying we're less enlightened than Europe. Solving an epidemiological mystery.


How Did Zimbabwe Become So Poor—And Yet So Expensive?
January 05, 2014

The shockingly high prices of one of Africa's most impoverished countries.