Michael Straight

Europe the Battleground
September 24, 1951

Michael Straight makes an early case for European Union.

Turnip Day in Washington
July 26, 1948

“A frightful imposition,” Dewey called the proposal for a special session of Congress, indicating his appraisal of both the sincerity of the Republican Party platform and the urgency of the problems which Americans face. In such a spirit Dewey can lose the 1948 elections. Tor Truman’s call for a special session is a stroke of bold and liberal leadership and a confident reassertion of the Validity of American democracy. On three key issues, housing, inflation and civil rights, the 80th Congress so far failed utterly.

The Shipping Bottleneck
May 25, 1942

THE GREAT DAY arrives. “I christen thee Western Light!” the woman cries.

Standard Oil: Axis Ally
April 06, 1942

IN THE MIDST of the storm and the thunder, the lightning strikes. American industry and the press have demanded of labor whether, after opposing a cut in wages, it dares to look General MacArthur in the face.

The Crisis of the United Nations
March 16, 1942

THIS IS A TIME of storm and smoke; of darkness, as Carl Sandberg found the time of Lincoln to be. Death is in the air. So is birth. Within the body of our wartime world we can feel the life of the future stirring. Beneath the sound of the guns, we can hear its first, protesting cries. In fury, all the forces of the past are raining their blows upon it. We bear it fearfully, seeking to shield and cherish it. Yet we forget the astonishing strength of the will to live with which all forms of life come into being. We stand in shyness before the future that we carry within us.

Pappy Passes the Biscuits
October 27, 1941

One Senator's homesick radio broadcasts.