Naomi Shavin

The Confederate Flag Is a Racist Symbol. Just Ask the KKK.
July 01, 2015

By supporting the flag in South Carolina, they’re really supporting a man who murdered nine black Americans.

Gay Couples Can Marry Now, But They Can Still Be Fired for Being Gay
June 26, 2015

Here's the next big fight for the gay rights movement.

The Remarkable Life of Denmark Vesey, Co-Founder of Charleston's Emanuel Church
June 18, 2015

He began life as a slave and died trying to free others.

Joni Ernst Is Wrong About the Issues Most Important to Female Voters
June 09, 2015

Abortion and health care are "women's issues." National defense is not.

Lincoln Chafee Had the Worst Campaign Rollout of the Year
June 04, 2015

He isn't raising money, his allies don't know why he's running, and his wife is sad.