Naomi Shavin

Is Russell Brand a Modern Renaissance Man or a Charlatan?
October 15, 2014

He says he wants a revolution. He seems serious.

What the Next Two Awful Years Will Look Like
The five things to fear about a Republican Congress
October 12, 2014

The five things to fear about a Republican Congress.

The Story of Two Senators, Picked to Live on a Desert Island, Work Together and Have Their Lives Taped
September 24, 2014

How Jeff Flake and Martin Heinrich ended up on Discovery channel.

Disagree With Doctors' Diagnosis of Your Kid and You Might Get Arrested
The scary, confusing world of "medical neglect"
September 08, 2014

This is what happened when parents removed their child from a hospital against a doctor's orders.

While Obama Waits, Thousands More Deportations Likely
September 06, 2014

The depressing math of delaying an executive order on immigration

The Ten Worst-Paying Jobs in America
From fry cooks to the guy parking cars
August 31, 2014

It's Labor Day—time to remember everybody who works, but particularly those who don't make a lot of money.