Noah Chestnut
Director, New Republic Labs

NFL Fans Are Crazy, Say Facebook Scientists
January 30, 2014

After kickoff, fans start acting anxious and depressed for two to three straight hours

Who Should Advertise During The Super Bowl? Hint: Not Pepsi
January 29, 2014

Researchers reveal the smarter science behind Super Bowl advertising 

Watch The Best of Pete Seeger's 1960s Rainbow Quest
January 28, 2014

Johnny Cash, June Carter, Elizabeth Cotton, Malvina Reynolds and more joined this gem of a show.

17 Charts About Economic Inequality Obama Should Read Before The State of The Union
January 27, 2014

Income inequality is at its highest since 1928. What does this mean for the State of the Union?

The Next Penicillin May Come From Sloths
January 27, 2014

Scientists marvel at what grows on a sloth's outer coat.

Scientists Discover A New Dolphin and It Is Already Endangered
January 23, 2014

Marine biologists discover the first new river dolphin since 1918 and there may be only 600 left: their debate on Twitter.

Want A Happier Life? Act Your Age.
January 22, 2014

The latest research from happiness economists focuses on ordinary and extraordinary experiences.