Noam Scheiber
Senior Editor

The GOP's Most Cynical Anti-Obamacare Attack Yet
March 31, 2014

Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn: a Late Contender for Most Absurd Anti-Obamacare Screed

The Brutal Ageism of Tech
Years of experience, plenty of talent, completely obsolete

March 23, 2014

A behind-the-scenes report from the most ageist place in America: Silicon Valley.

Obama Is Floundering on Trade Because He's Too Much Like Bill Clinton, Not Too Little
February 23, 2014

Democratic politics have changed since the 90s. The White House playbook for pushing trade deals has not.

Why the Tea Party Is Folding on the Debt Limit
They were never irrational, just delusional
February 10, 2014

The shutdown didn't break the Tea Party's fever. But it did stamp out some of its most dangerous delusions. 

Don't Go It Alone, Obama
The president's new unilateral approach is bad politics
February 04, 2014

On Tuesday the president trekked to a middle school in suburban Maryland to unveil $750 million worth of corporate grants for wiring schools across the country.

The Case for Socialized Law

Inequality has bent American justice. Here's a radical way to fix it.
February 03, 2014

When a rich person can buy more justice than a normal person, it perverts society. Here's a radical idea for fixing it.

Bashing the Liberal Media Won't Save Chris Christie
In fact, it's likely to doom his 2016 chances
January 21, 2014

In fact, it's likely to doom his 2016 chances.

Here Comes the Anti-Government Left
Why Elizabeth Warren is more radical than Bill de Blasio—and has more national appeal, too
January 12, 2014

Bill de Blasio and Elizabeth Warren stand for two distinct, if overlapping, worldviews. And only one plays well nationally. 

How Obamacare Actually Paves the Way Toward Single Payer
January 05, 2014

Liberals like Michael Moore think Obamacare is awful. They're kinda right. But the law may turn out to be a Trojan Horse for a better system 

Raising the Minimum Wage Isn't Just Good Politics. It's Good Economics, Too.
December 31, 2013

The media treat it as a political ploy. It has a serious intellectual case, too.