Noreen Malone
Staff Writer

Drudge and The Post Go Hard For Lhota, Ignore Terrible Poll Numbers
October 28, 2013

This morning's Drudge Report contains a classic piece of Drudge-ry: Just above a link to the New York Times' endorsement of Bill de Blasio is a headline pointing to a New York Post piece on how homelessness in the city's subways is on the rise.

Terry McAuliffe's Shamelessness Makes Him Loveable
October 24, 2013

At a University of Richmond forum in October, the Macker, as his many, many friends have nicknamed Terry McAuliffe, told of all the good he’d do for the great state of Virginia.

Ever Wondered What It'd Be Like to Go On a First Date With Ted Cruz?
October 23, 2013

According to his wife, as relayed to the New York Times' Ashley Parker, it would be an awful lot like a job interview:Their first date was at a bar called the Bitter End, and it lasted for hours as her young suitor, Mrs.

Build Your Own Bestseller: Three Idiot-Proof Formulas
October 22, 2013

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The New York Subway Just Wouldn't Be the Same Without Individual Cars
October 21, 2013

According to the New York Times, the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority is considering, in the future, replacing the current subway trains with ones featuring "articulated train cars." These are in fact the opposite of what they sound like:

This Isn't the First Time Michael Bloomberg Has Talked About How He'd Dress as a Woman
October 17, 2013

"If I were a woman, I think I'd wear high heels." That's Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to the New Yorker's Rebecca Mead. The full quote: "I like women and I think that they look stunning in high heels — not that they look bad without high heels.

Bridget Jones Is My 'Portnoy's Complaint'
October 15, 2013

Last year, I attended my first New Republic holiday party. Sometime in the middle of the evening, at a Mexican restaurant in midtown east, I found myself talking to my work pal and a colleague whom I didn’t know well. The topic was Philip Roth.

Rick Perry Just Boosted His Intellectual Reputation
October 14, 2013

The secret meaning of Rick Perry's glasses

This Is the Single Most Ridiculous Thing That's Been Said During the Shutdown
October 13, 2013

On Sunday, Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz converged on Washington, D.C., to co-headline a protest against the federal government's closure of the World War II Memorial.