Peter E. Gordon

The Intellectual and Other Wanderings of Walter Benjamin
March 23, 2014

We do not imagine Benjamin on the beach. But the great intellectual of city life defied every school and stereotype.

When Religion Had a Mind
The history of philosophical religion
November 16, 2013

All religions have one thing in common: philosophy.

Marx After Marxism
What can the revolutionary teach us if the revolution is dead?
May 02, 2013

Jonathan Sperber’s is among the first major Marx biographies of the post-1989 era. This may help to explain its perpetual refrain that Marx now belongs to a bygone age. But was the nineteenth century really that long ago?

The Border Crossers
May 18, 2012

From Enemy to Brother: The Revolution in Catholic Teaching on the Jews, 1933–1965 By John Connelly (Harvard University Press, 376 pp., $35) Across the violent years of the twentieth century, the Roman Catholic Church underwent a trial of conscience that ultimately brought about a radical transformation in its official doctrine regarding the Jews. Church tradition had long held that the Jewish people were abandoned by God and condemned to wander the Earth, their religion nullified by the new covenant with Christ.

The Guilty
September 29, 2011

This past April marked the fiftieth anniversary of the trial of Adolf Eichmann. The trial represented a true watershed in the postwar struggle to come

Up from Zero Hour
January 11, 2011

Jürgen Habermas ranks today as the single most important public intellectual in all of Continental Europe. But he is also a formidable philosopher who

Helter Skelter, German Style
February 09, 2010

This excellent book reconstructs the political agonies of the German Left from the sixties to the present day. The detail is extraordinary, the tempo