Peter Green

The Origins of Paul Scott's Vast Masterpiece
May 17, 2013

How did a middling middle-aged novelist grow to write the English epic of colonial India? 

Bring the Dead to Life: Mantel's Booker a Boon for Historical Fiction
October 17, 2012

The Man Booker committee made the correct, though difficult, decision in awarding Hilary Mantel a second prize.

Homer Now
June 07, 2012

The Iliad of HomerTranslated by Richmond Lattimore (University of Chicago Press, 599 pp., $15) Homer: The IliadTranslated by Anthony Verity (Oxford University Press, 470 pp., $29.95) Homer: The IliadTranslated by Stephen Mitchell (Free Press, 466 pp., $35) Memorial: An Excavation of the IliadBy Alice Oswald (Faber & Faber, 84 pp., £12.99) The Song of AchillesBy Madeline Miller (Ecco, 378 pp., $25.99)  English Translation and Classical Reception: Towards a New Literary HistoryBy Stuart Gillespie (Wiley-Blackwell, 208 pp., $110.95)   I. "Sing, goddess, the anger of Peleus’s son Achilleus/an

Highbrow Lowbrow
May 28, 2012

Death at La Fenice came out in 1992, and since then Donna Leon has steadily produced a new case for Commissario Brunetti every year: with Beastly Thin

The King’s Justice
May 01, 2012

As both her Tudor novels demonstrate on every page, Hilary Mantel draws you in, irresistibly, to the intense and dangerously competitive life of Henry

He's Back!
April 09, 2012

What has been missing until now, in the English-speaking world, is a clear, comprehensive, and well-grounded introduction to Herodotus, designed for t

The Story's About You
March 01, 2012

Pico Iyer's new book, The Man Within My Head, a congeries of travel sketches and autobiographical vignettes, carries as a somewhat intermittent leitmo

The First Fine Careless Rapture
January 25, 2012

The Letters of Ernest Hemingway: Volume I, 1907-1922 Edited by Sandra Spanier and Robert W. Trogdon (Cambridge University Press, 431 pp., $40) Hemingway: A Life in Pictures By Boris Vejdovsky with Mariel Hemingway (Firefly Books, 207 pp., $29.95) With a flourish of publicity and as much shameless hype as one of the oldest and most prestigious academic publishers in the world can get away with, the first of an estimated sixteen volumes of Ernest Hemingway’s correspondence has been released.

All Hat and No Cattle
September 12, 2011

There are (considering his enduring popularity with modern historians) surprisingly few biographies of Alcibiades. So how does P.J. Rhodes deal with h

Dearest Bun
June 23, 2011

Philip Larkin: Letters to Monica Edited by Anthony Thwaite (Faber & Faber, 475 pp., $49.50) I. A good place to start on the protagonists of this curious correspondence—culled from some 1,400 letters discovered after the addressee’s death in 2001—is the wrap-around photograph that takes up most of both sides of the book’s dust jacket. The picture shows a grassy cliff-top on the island of Sark. It is, clearly, summer.