Pierce Stanley

The Pentagon, Angry Birds, and the Future of Cyber War
June 01, 2012

Given the size and complexity of Flame, the cyber weapon that forced Iran to cut off its oil ministry rigs from the Internet this week, it seems safe to say that it was a state-sponsored attack, with the United States and Israel the primary suspects.  But the most interesting thing about Flame may be that it's simply a precursor for many more viruses like it. The Pentagon’s new cyber security strategy, first reported Thursday by Ellen Nakashima in the Washington Post, seems to suggest as much.

Who Really Rules?
April 03, 2012

Rebecca MacKinnon's new book offers a persuasive history of recent global protest movements, and serves as a primer on the role that Internet technolo

How SOPA Could Have Hindered Our Democracy Promotion Efforts
January 21, 2012

When the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Senate’s PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) were put on hold late this week, many had cause to celebrate, including Internet companies, free speech advocates, and the millions who signed petitions against the bills.

Why Do Republicans Keep Claiming That Net Neutrality Will Kill Jobs?
December 10, 2011

When the Federal Communications Commission voted last December, after much deliberation, to create rules requiring Internet service providers (ISPs) to give users of the Web equal access to all content, it looked like a decade-long fight over the issue commonly known as “net neutrality” had finally been settled.