Rebecca Leber
Staff Writer

Why the U.S. Army Is Our Best Weapon Against Ebola Now
September 18, 2014 3:44 PM

This could be the gamechanger we need.

Acting Against Climate Change Won't Cost As Much As You Think
September 17, 2014

A revealing chart from a major new climate change report.

This Might be Obama's Last Chance to Do Something Major About Climate Change
September 15, 2014

A preview of what a world agreement could and couldn't do to contain global warming. 

Men in Congress Literally Don't Listen to Women
September 12, 2014

Women represent 23 percent of witnesses in the GOP's House. 

If This Is Really the Most 'Sweeping' Coal Ash Law In the Country, We're Doomed
September 12, 2014

A toxic mixture of arsenic, lead, mercury, and other chemicals is seeping out of coal ash pits.

Climate Change Is About to Have a Populist Moment
Why an upcoming demonstration in NYC is so important
September 12, 2014

What the largest climate march in history can and can't do.

Here's the GOP's Best Shot At Derailing Obama's Climate Plan
September 10, 2014

Politics won't hurt the EPA's rule on coal-fired power plants. The courts could.

The EPA May Finally Start to Curb Airplane Emissions—But Consumers Will Be the Ones Who Pay
A war on air travel or an incentive for the aviation sector to start tracking its pollution?
September 10, 2014

Bad news for your wallets. Good news for the environment.