Rebecca Leber
Staff Writer

McConnell Wants States to Just Ignore EPA Regulations, But His Plan Makes No Sense
March 04, 2015 4:28 PM

McConnell says if you can't beat the EPA, ignore it. 

Climate Denier James Inhofe Is a Godsend to Democrats in 2016
March 03, 2015

His snowball antics can only help Democrats retain the White House.

Why Isn't the Oil Industry Worried About Hillary Clinton?
March 02, 2015

They're more worried about her campaign chair, it seems.  

"Tom Steyer Is the Devil"
A dispatch from CPAC, a conference of climate change deniers
February 27, 2015

A dispatch from CPAC, a conference of climate deniers.

Why Republicans Shouldn't Mock Solar Power in 2016
February 26, 2015

Clean energy is growing—and so are the jobs.

Stop Celebrating Obama's Keystone Veto. The Battle's Far From Over.
February 24, 2015

Environmental activists are celebrating a veto they knew they'd get. They're overreacting. 

Democrats Target Climate-Deniers-for-Hire
February 24, 2015

For once, Congress is politicizing science the right way.

Republicans Think Obama's Acting Like a King on Public Lands
February 20, 2015

They didn't accuse George W. Bush of acting like a "king."