Rebecca Traister
Senior Editor

Our Racist History Isn't Back to Haunt Us. It Never Left Us.
June 18, 2015

The murders of 9 people in Charleston last night was the latest episode in an ugly, ongoing chapter of our history.

Meet the New, Old Hillary
June 14, 2015

A candidate is reintroduced as the woman she's spent her political career hiding from.

"You Cannot Claim to Have Any Ideas About Family Values Unless You Value Fathers"
May 27, 2015

When his daughter was born, Josh Levs thought he would get the same leave benefits as the women at his company. He was wrong.

Marriage Is Evolving. The 'Primates of Park Avenue’ Aren’t.
May 21, 2015

For many Americans, marriage simply isn't the central institution it once was. 

If You Want to See What Revolutionary Workplace Policies Really Look Like, Watch '9 to 5'
May 13, 2015

It's embarassing to fixate on a film that features a sequence with animated rabbits. It's more emabarassing that it's still relevant. 

The Best Thing Hillary Could Do for Her Campaign? Ditch Bill.
May 07, 2015

She's been at her best when he's made himself scarce.

The Violence in Baltimore Didn't Start with the Riots
April 28, 2015

It should be simple: Violence broke out and erupted not when students threw stones at police, but when Freddie Gray suffered a spinal cord injury while in police custody, and, eventually, died.

There's Nothing Inevitable About Hillary
April 12, 2015

It’s a terrifying thing, living through history. So here goes nothing. And everything.

Why Women Can’t Break Free from the Parent Trap
February 02, 2015

This is what it’s like to be pregnant at work

Rolling Stone's UVA Rape Story Has Problems, But Don't Let Them Obscure the Appalling Truth
December 02, 2014

Critics are already seizing them to deny campus rapes.