Reed Whittemore

Those Cultural Adamses
April 03, 1976

In most of the early newspaper reviews of "The Adams Chronicles" the big pitch was bigness. Six million dollars, nine scriptwriters, 3000 costumes—these were figures to conjure with, and the reviewers conjured, and the ones I read came up with the unusual theory that bigness had not destroyed the series. No, intelligence and restraint had saved the day. I've now watched all but two of the first nine shows (the total is 13, running into mid-April) and beg to differ. Bigness is still a disaster in America, and in "The Adams Chronicles" the disaster is bigger than ever.

The Family Romance
February 10, 1973

Dissecting Harold Bloom's theory of originality

The Family Romance
February 10, 1973

A review of Harold Bloom’s 1973 work of literary criticism titled “The Anxiety of Influence”.

The Washington Rag-Time After-Election Gloom-Doom Stomp
November 18, 1972

A poem following the 1972 presidential election.

The Flyer and the Yahoos
October 03, 1970

The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich; $12.95) In 1098 Lindbergh moved in the highest diplomatic and military circles of London, Paris and Berlin. He also made a trip to the Soviet Union, where he was well received and given a good look at Soviet aviation; but his subsequent comments about Russia—comments distorted, he claimed, by the press—caused the Soviets later to announce that if he ever came back to see [hem he would be arrested. His dislike of Russia and Communism permeates these Journals, as does his admiration for the Germans.

Housmaning Into the Seventies
November 29, 1969

From 1969, a review of A. E. Housman’s “The Confines of Criticism”.

Reed Whittemore on Verse
November 07, 1969

Reed Whittemore reviews The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics, in this article from the November 7, 1969 issue of the magazine.

Six Shaggy
September 10, 1966

Six poems by Reed Whittemore from the September 10, 1966 issue of the magazine.

Two Ruthless Pieces
February 17, 1958

Whittemore's poems “The Man Who Could Do It Himself” and “And his Girl” appeared in a 1958 issue of the magazine.

A Few Ways of Pulling Apart a Poem
December 09, 1957

In the 1957 Christmas Literary Review, Whittemore discusses the shortcomings of one of his poems and the state of literary criticism.