Richard D. Kahlenberg

Want to Fix Obama's Bad Education Policy? Start With These Two New Books
September 02, 2014

The left has embraced center-right strategies for fixing education. But do they work? 

Affirmative Action Fail: The Achievement Gap by Income Is Twice the Gap by Race
April 27, 2014

Affirmative Action has failed us as a useful took to correct inequal educational opportunity.

Want to Realize the Civil Rights Act's Dream? Apply it to Union Rights, Too.
February 16, 2014

Just as it became unacceptable to fire some due to race, it became OK to boot them for organizing a union. Let's change that.

A Refreshingly Honest Book About Affirmative Action
September 02, 2013

After a decade hiatus, affirmative action in higher education has come back before the U.S. Supreme Court not once but twice. The court decided Fisher v.

Popular, Bipartisan, and Mediocre
May 02, 2011

This volume of essays, edited by Christopher Lubienski and Peter Weitzel, provides a careful look back at the original goals of charter schools and of

The Nixon-Obama Compromise
January 04, 2011

James Ryan is no wide-eyed radical. A former law clerk to Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist, he is a professor at the University of Virginia Law

Guidance Counselors
August 30, 2010

Higher Education? is brilliantly timed for the spirit of the Great Recession, but the book itself is highly uneven. It is rather reminiscent of a fre

The Trouble with Distance
June 03, 2010

In trying to clear the brush and make way for his favored idea—learning through online internet courses rather than in a traditional classroom—Peterso

March 03, 2010

As the debate heats up again, both supporters and opponents of affirmative action are likely to find ammunition in Thomas J. Espenshade’s and Alexandr