Robert Graves

Robert Graves Is Famous For His War Writing, But He Also Wrote Love Poetry
October 08, 2014

Two love poems from the war writer who gave us Goodbye to All That.

The Atheism of Bertrand Russell and Julian Huxley
April 28, 1958

At the age of 86, Russell still boldly declares that, in his opinion, “all the great religions of the world, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam,

John Milton Muddles Through
May 27, 1957

I don’t enjoy generalizing, unless I can support my argument by practical examples. I assume that almost everyone has read Milton’s L’Allegro, but I,

A Soldier's Homer
September 24, 1956

Now, anyone who has a go at The Odyssey should first disabuse himself of the traditional view that it stands to The Iliad as, say Paradise Regained st