Robert Littell

Katherine Mansfield's 'The Garden Party' Proves She Was a Genius
January 09, 2014

On the anniversary of her death, a celebration of Mansfield's great talent.

Sinclair Lewis' 'Babbitt' Is "Hideously True to the Worst Things in America"
November 05, 2013

On this day in 1930, Upton Sinclair won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

From the Stacks: “‘The Melancholy Bull’”
August 05, 2013

On the anniversary of Guy de Maupassant's birth in 1850, The New Republic's 1926 review of two books chronicling his life: Guy de Maupassant, A Biographical Study, by Ernest Boyd, and The Life, Work and Evil Fate of Guy de Maupassant, by Richard Harborough Sherard.