Sacha Z. Scoblic

Ellen Was the Perfect Host
March 03, 2014

For one thing, that Liza Minelli bit was amazing. 

Could Drug-Replacement Therapy Have Saved Philip Seymour Hoffman's Life?
February 04, 2014

Science says that abstinence-only detox treatment doesn't work. But the culture of rehab has yet to catch up.

Friend of Bill
July 07, 2013

What we mean when we say “friend of Bill W.”

Roger Ebert's Other Illness
April 08, 2013

The film critic wrote candidly—and controversially—about his alcoholism.

Why Rehab Fails
January 29, 2013

Almost all rehabs in America adhere to the intransigent dogma promoted by AA. Some just have better views and higher thread counts.  

Gangsta’s Paradise: Dennis Lehane Goes One Noir Too Far
October 05, 2012

Unfortunately, Live by Night is not a prickly, tight Lehanean crime-thriller.

My Alcoholic Holiday Season
December 21, 2011

I’ll be sober. And for that, I will also be really, really grateful.

Amy Winehouse: The Insidious Response to Her Addiction and Death
July 26, 2011

To the surprise of no one with the slightest sense of irony, singer Amy Winehouse, who earned a spot on iPods everywhere for saying no, no, no to rehab, died last weekend of an apparent overdose. Earlier this year, two other (less famous) celebrities, alumni of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s “Celebrity Rehab,” also died unsurprisingly from presumed overdoses: Mike Starr and Jeff Conway. Starr, formerly of the band Alice in Chains, had at one point achieved six months clean—an eternity in sobriety; but, then, it’s an insidious thing, this disease.

The Battle Over Addiction
March 24, 2010

In her review of Gene Heyman’s book, Addiction: A Disorder of Choice, Sally Satel performs an impressive feat of sophistry, simultaneously advancing a