Sarah Ditum

I Used to Think Being Anti-Porn Meant Being Pro-Censorship. I Was Wrong.
April 05, 2015

Porn is hijacking our sexuality, but that doesn't mean we should censor it. 

Plus Size Mannequins Are Bad for Women's Health
March 28, 2014

Do bigger mannequins mean that we're accepting our bigger bodies?

Feminism's Un-Celebrated Weapon: Kindness
March 14, 2014

Being the Gone Girl Cool Girl is contingent on presenting the correct selection of individual attributes. Feminism needs to be collective and flexible.

Apparently Having an Opinion about Sex Is Now a Taboo
February 15, 2014

Jesse Bering's new book, Perv, puts forward a rigidly harm-reduction approach to sexual morality (although at times his theories seem to be proposing the normalisation of child abuse images). But tolerance alone isn't enough.

Beyonce's New Album is a Feminist Manifesto
December 13, 2013

This piece originally appeared on When the biggest pop star in the world (and there’s a good case for giving Beyoncé that title) turns out a whole album fully formed with no trails or teasers, the world pays attention.