Sherwin B. Nuland

What Should We Call Depression?
A bold proposal by one of our best historians of psychiatry for how to make sense of the puzzling disease
May 27, 2013

The different forms of depression have been hard to keep straight for centuries. One of our best historians of psychiatry has a bold proposal for making sense of the disease.

Deal With It
June 22, 2012

ONE OF THE blessedly few statistics in Losing It, William Ian Miller’s book about his experience of aging, and a tour-de force of hypochondriacal free association, informs his readers that “more than half the people between the ages of sixty-five and

The Quagmire
How American medicine is destroying itself.

In 1959, the great biologist René Dubos wrote a book called Mirage of Health, in which he pointed out that “complete and lasting freedom from disease is but a dream remembered from imaginings of a Garden of Eden.” But, in the intervening decades, his

Fitness and Outrage
January 27, 2011

One evening a few months before my eightieth birthday, I found myself addressing an audience of approximately a hundred men and women on a topic to which I have devoted considerable study during the past decade or so.

Dead Wrong
Sarah Palin, meet Hippocrates.
September 02, 2009

As if you hadn’t heard, a gaggle of American conservatives is stridently charging that pending health care reform legislation will institute a mechanism for euthanizing selected members of the handicapped and elderly populations--that it would, in Sa

Autonomy Amuck
July 01, 2009

Long regarded as central to the contemporary understanding of medical ethics are four principles that must be satisfied in order to fulfill the requirements of moral decision-making.

Macho Misery
April 15, 2009

As far back as has been recorded of the history of human societies, men have equated life with movement.

Really, Doctor?
December 03, 2008

Even the advent of a growing scientific basis for medical practice--which we can most accurately date from the middle third of the nineteenth century--has not lessened by an iota the degree to which medical authority has traditionally depended primar

Skin Deep
October 08, 2008

Lying on a couch in the office of one of the hairdressing salons that she owns in London, Sharyn Hughes perused the advertising brochure she had been sent by Makeover Getaways:"Our Malaysian Makeover Package is a brilliant combination of surgery trea

The Art of Incision
August 13, 2008

Among Dr. Michael DeBakey's approximately 30 visits to various parts of the former Soviet Union, there seems little doubt that one in November 1996 had the greatest potential for influencing the course of world history.